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Bitcoin ‘Maximalist’ Saylor Makes Crypto His Only Job
Posted on Monday August 08, 2022

Saylor has turned the analytics business he founded into a leveraged bet on bitcoin, with a stash worth about $1.9 billion and total debt of $2.7 billion.

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Climbs Above $24K
Posted on Monday August 08, 2022

Bitcoin (BTC) continued its ascension on Monday, rising 3% on average volume. The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization surpassed $24,000 earlier in the day and remained above that threshold ...

Bitcoin rises 4% to retake $24,000 as investors shift to risk-on ahead of this week's inflation report
Posted on Monday August 08, 2022

Bitcoin has trimmed this year's loss to roughly 50%. A decline in US Treasury yields has aided bitcoin as the cryptocurrency offers no yield.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for Today, August 8: BTC Touches $24,000 Resistance
Posted on Monday August 08, 2022

The Bitcoin price prediction revisits the resistance level of $24,000 as the king coin targets a $25,000 high.

Bitcoin Miner Marathon’s Loss Widened as Coin Prices Tumbled
Posted on Monday August 08, 2022

Inc.’s second-quarter loss widened as the price of Bitcoin tumbled and costs related to the exit of a Montana facility climbed. The net loss for Las Vegas-based miner in the three months ended June 30 ...

Ethereum Is Getting Cheaper to Use, Even Before the Merge
Posted on Monday August 08, 2022

Ethereum fees are at their lowest level in two years. This has happened ahead of a much-anticipated event known as the Merge, which is widely seen to be driving up the price of its cryptocurrency, ...

Justin Sun Says Proof-of-Work 'Essential' Part of Ethereum
Posted on Monday August 08, 2022

Tron's controversial founder said his stablecoin, USDD, will be the first to support the post-Merge Ethereum fork, on CoinDesk TV’s “First Mover.” ...

Crypto markets have 'found a floor' as anticipation builds that Ethereum merge is viable in 2022, JPMorgan says
Posted on Monday August 08, 2022

The merge is designed to transfer the Ethereum blockchain away from a proof-of-work network and instead to a proof-of-stake system.

Ethereum co-founder sees role diminishing as blockchain becomes increasingly decentralized
Posted on Monday August 08, 2022

As more developers and researchers contribute to the project, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said, their role will grow and his will shrink.

What is the Ethereum merge and why does it matter? Here’s an explainer.
Posted on Sunday August 07, 2022

The upcoming Ethereum merge will change the Ethereum network from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake, which is far less harmful to the environment.

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