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How Halvings Will Bring The Bitcoin Price To $400,000
Posted on Sunday April 11, 2021

When bitcoin was first introduced, it had little to no value. Early adopters traded thousands of bitcoin for just a few dollars, until the infamous “Pizza Day” incident when Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 ...

Bitcoin tops $60,000 and sets new high over the weekend as Elon Musk aims towards the "moon"
Posted on Sunday April 11, 2021

With tightening supply, an upcoming Coinbase IPO, and a tweet from crypto's most famous billionaire advocate, Bitcoin is flirting with all time highs.

How Big Is the Opportunity in Bitcoin?
Posted on Sunday April 11, 2021

What is your view on Bitcoin today and what do you think the opportunity is from here? You've already teased order of magnitude. But maybe to connect into this, what do you think is still ...

Bitcoin bombshell: Crypto king may pole vault to eye popping $400k mark this year with over 6x growth
Posted on Sunday April 11, 2021

Existing and potential crypto investors have been contemplating round the clock about how far would Bitcoin go from around $60,000 in the current bull run. There has already been nearly a 9x jump from ...

Ethereum Price Forecast: ETH pattern projects an additional 20% upside
Posted on Sunday April 11, 2021

Ethereum price supported by speculators looking for a run similar to 2017. IOMAP data shows exceptional support near previous high. Bullish reversal from below $2,041.42 shows demand on pullbacks.

What's the Difference Between Bitcoin and Ethereum?
Posted on Sunday April 11, 2021

Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) is the largest cryptocurrency in the market, but with a total market value of about $240 billion, second-largest digital asset Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) isn't exactly tiny itself.

P2P Bitcoin, Ethereum Exchange Paxful Denies there Was Data Leak, Confirms User Data and Funds Remain Safe
Posted on Sunday April 11, 2021

A recent post on Raidforums, a marketplace for purchasing and selling stolen data, has claimed that it has the personal details from millions of users on Paxful, a leading peer to peer Bitcoin (BTC) ...

Ethereum Reaches New All-time High Of $2,200
Posted on Saturday April 10, 2021

Slow moving Ethereum has finally managed to break its previous high. The world’s second biggest crypto touched $2,200 on Saturday following overall market strength ...

Litecoin Climbs 10.09% In Bullish Trade
Posted on Saturday April 10, 2021 - Litecoin was trading at $246.347 by 19:25 (18:25 GMT) on the Index on Saturday, up 10.09 April 10. The move upwards pushed Litecoin's market cap up to $16.298B, or 0.80% ...

Litecoin (LTC) Price Predictions: Where Will LTC Go After Altcoin Rally?
Posted on Tuesday April 06, 2021

An altcoin rally that is lifting the cryptocurrency market also has experts revisiting their Litecoin (LTC) price predictions.

Litecoin Climbs 10.09% In Rally
Posted on Saturday April 10, 2021 - Litecoin was trading at $246.347 by 23:55 (18:25 GMT) on the Index on Saturday, up 10.09% on the day. It was the largest one-day percentage gain since Saturday, April 10, ...

CoinShares launches physically backed Litecoin ETP
Posted on Monday April 05, 2021

European digital asset manager CoinShares continues to actively expand its physically-backed cryptocurrency exchange-traded product offering with a new Litecoin ETP.

Forget Dogecoin: Buy This Tech Stock Instead
Posted on Wednesday April 07, 2021

The cryptocurrency's popularity has surged sharply in recent months, but investors looking to profit from the crypto trend would be wiser to add PayPal to their portfolios.

Dogecoin Looks Unattractive in an Ocean of Altcoins
Posted on Monday April 05, 2021

A tweet that might also imply that Dogecoin is going to surge further from current levels. The tweet did send Dogecoin surging temporarily, from 5.4 cents to 7 cents. In the last one year, Dogecoin ...

Elon Musk Tweets SpaceX Plan For ‘Joke’ Crypto Dogecoin As Bitcoin And Ethereum Near All-Time High Price
Posted on Thursday April 01, 2021

Musk said his private rocket company SpaceX is going to put a "dogecoin on the literal moon"—sending the price of the meme-based cryptocurrency up 35% as bitcoin and ethereum both come within touching ...

Dogecoin Is a Gamble That Currently Doesn’t Make Sense
Posted on Monday April 05, 2021

Nevertheless, the never shy CEO of Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) tweeted that he was going to put a “literal” Dogecoin (CCC: DOGE-USD) on “the literal moon.” Source: Orpheus FX / Earth’s only ...

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